Humble Dutch ingredients with a twist

Carstens celebrates the most sustainable and seasonal Dutch ingredients from our own soils, waters & meadows…and even better those sourced from the most local suppliers, closer to Carstens than ever before. Expect humble Dutch ingredients brought to life on the plate, with surprising inspirations and modern twists on flavours, occasionally inspired also by Jeroen’s travels around the world. Each dish brings a story to tell, a local supplier to reveal and an interactive tableside moment to be shared. Picture an urban brasserie brought into the modern era smack bang in the heart of Amsterdam in a relaxed and homely atmosphere. It will be a lively, interactive experience with chefs at the table, and even guests welcome at the kitchen to get a closer look. Nothing too far-fetched, just damn tasty and interesting on the eye.


Behind the pass!

Get to know the team

Passionate Head Chef Jeroen Bruinsma is classically trained by some of the best chefs & in some of the best restaurants in the industry. With his lively personality, huge love of cookbooks, from rare & vintage to the latest hotspot, as well as an infectious passion for the craftsmanship of cooking, championing the tiny supplier & sustainability. Craftsmanship is at the core of Jeroen’s honest kitchen. In his words, “when nature does most of the work for us, the focus is on sourcing the best products possible and then simply elevating them with the right techniques, temperature, and seasoning, before adding just a little flair on the plate”. Sebastiaan Alferink, from Zwolle, takes the role as Sous Chef and right hand of Head Chef Jeroen Bruinsma.
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