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Barts Boekje about Carstens

Maartje, owner of Barts Boekje, joined the opening of Carstens Amsterdam and wrote a promising review: “An urban restaurant with beautiful 2019 design details like mustard yellow velvet chairs and big, bold plants everywhere.”
“And – hallelujah – the menu is straightforward, adapting to the seasons.”

“The concept of Carstens is one without fuss: there is a connection between city life and authentic farms, with great care for pure ingredients and local products from Dutch soil. When we taste the dishes we immediately understood it, which is not very common at a restaurant with ‘a concept’. Because let’s be honest: we just want good food, right? We don’t want your “concept”. But as said, we got it this time and actually liked it.”

And what about the actual dishes? “All dishes use Dutch products, all the way from the Veluwe region to the North Sea. Good gracious, so delicious! The golden beets deserve a special shout out. Correct: Just. Golden. Beets. I don’t think I have ever tasted anything so tasty. And the Dutch Shrimp cocktail? Worth waking up for!


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Prins Hendrikkade  34
1012 MB Amsterdam


Thursday – Sunday from 18:00 – 21:30


Side entrance at the Hasselaerssteeg

020 5240649 Email Reserve Table

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